Dubai is not the place only to spend holidays but it’s also a wonderful place to relocate and build your career there. It’s one of the world’s most welcoming destination for the people from all over the world,  approximately  70% of it’s population are expats. But finding your dream job in Dubai is not easy. Dubai’s market is quite competitive where it’s not an easy task to find your dream job. But no need to worry, we’ve brought this post specially with the facts and figures by the help of with you can lend your dream job easily.    

Get a Professional CV

The very essential step is getting a professional resume. Your CV is one of the most important thing you need to consider that will help you to reach and stand out to the potential employers and securing a job. But, a very sad reality is that thousands of CV’s goes to trash on daily basis. This shows how important it is to create a eye-catching resume that will stand out from hundreds of the resume’s.

Irrespective of using fancy designs, the main objective is to keep your CV simple, concise and short, up to date and most important real where you clearly mentions all your experience, skills, education background, certifications as well as your accurate personal details. 

The last step in writing a  good resume is to make sure that your resume is ATS friendly, as most of the companies in Dubai are using application tracking system (ATS) in order to get a right candidate for their job role.

Set Job Goals Properly

For this, you must know well about your hard skills as well as soft skills. Here hard skills means your hand-on experience plus academic records and certifications or technical skills. And soft skills means interpersonal skills such as leadership, critical thinking, decision making, analytical skills, creativity and team work. 

Register on Dubai's Top Job Portals

The next most important step is to register yourself to the Dubai’s top job portals. Yes, this is so cool to get your dream job and these job portals helps you find a dream job. These job portals are particularly designed to help companies and job seekers to to connect with each other. 

Consider these some of the top platforms.

  • Khaleej Times Dubai,  the first and one of the top UAE’s newspaper, it is classified into multiple sections along with a job section where you can find latest jobs.
  • Bayt, it is the award winning portal which helps jo seekers to find the right job in the UAE (Dubai).
  • Naukri Gulf, it is one of the top source for job seekers to lend their dream job.
  • Monster Gulf, this is another job portal in Dubai where you can find a suitable job for you.
  • Indeed,  alike other job portals, it is also good and user friendly platform for job search.
  •, another rising platform for job seekers to get connected their dream job.
  • Dubizzle, with it’s simple layout, it is one of the top platform to find a job in Dubai.

Create a stronger LinkedIn profile

This topic deserves special mention while we are talking about hunting job in Dubai. This is because about 90% recruiters and companies hire their employees through this platform. This will not only boost your appearance and visibility but also add credibility to your information.

The best part about LinkedIn is it will keep you updated about the latest job openings and further more it’ll allow you to join relevant groups where you can meet with experts of your field. All in all, most of the recruitment companies are hiring best candidates through LinkedIn. 

Reach Out a Professional Recruiter

By just registering yourself to the job portal and waiting for the recruiters to get in touch with you is time wasting. But, with the help of an experienced recruitment specialist by your side, you can get rid many of the hurdles to connect with the employers faster. This is a blessing, they’ll guide you properly in every single step until you get your dream job.

Have a Solid Awareness of the Job Market in Dubai

Dubai’s market is tricky, you must be aware about the job market in Dubai. Yes, this is true, knowing about the job market it will help you to make your job search easy in Dubai. For this you can real articles, a thorough online research in order to keep yourself aware about the demand for your job skills in the industry.

Finally, Be Patient

Depending upon the market, your experience, skills, and qualifications, it may take you some time to get a job in Dubai, but don’t give-up. After all working in Dubai is very exciting and rewarding your experience with the same time. 


There’s no doubt that Dubai is the city of Dreams and awesome career opportunities. By keeping all the above key points in your mind will make it more easy and results oriented for a smooth job search in Dubai. 

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